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Campus Organics Recovery

College of Charleston



CofC began composting in one of its dining halls in the Fall of 2012, hauling its waste to the County compost facility through Food Waste Disposal. Since then, CofC Office of Sustainability ( and College of
Charleston Dining Services, ARAMARK have been working to expand the compost program to all dining halls and
dining services. CofC plans to greatly reduce food waste from our cafeterias, dining facilities, and catered events
on campus. Our goal is to compost 250,000 pounds of food this academic year.

Activity 1

August 2013, CofC began composting pre-­‐ and post-­‐consumer food waste in the second and larger dining hall on
campus. All auxiliary dining facilities (Stern Center food court, Chick-­‐Fil-­‐A, Einstein Bagels, on-­‐campus catered events) compost their pre-­‐consumer waste. We are continuing to make sure all staff is comfortable with
the sorting process of compostables and non-­‐compostables. Our on-­‐campus coffee shop, Java City, composts
all coffee grounds.

Start and delivery dates: Bins delivered July 2013, process smoothed out by September 2013,
phasing out non-­‐compostables by November.

Activity 2

Create signage to go on table napkin holders in dining halls that will educate students on the process and significance of composting.

Start and delivery dates: November 2013

Activity 3

Student engagement and education; send Office of Sustainability interns to the dining halls during peak lunch and
dinner hours to converse with students about the composting on campus and make sure they understand their role.
Additionally, have an intern(s) present at all public events to facilitate that interaction.

Start and delivery dates: August 2013– November 2013

Activity 4

Catering currently composts pre-­‐consumer waste (always) and sometimes post-­‐consumer. We would like to
increase its ability to compost post-­‐consumer waste. Office of Sustainability Waste intern will attend larger scale
events to help instruct all catering staff on the process.

Start and delivery dates: Begin September 2013 with a large catered event, but continue efforts throughout the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters.