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Food: Too Good To Waste

King's County, Washington


Reduce the amount of food waste generated by residents in King County by raising awareness of the benefits of reducing food waste and encouraging residents to try behaviors that help reduce wasted food.

In Fall 2013, King County launched Food: Too Good to Waste, a county-wide education campaign that includes an online video series, tips and recipe resources to help families prevent food waste. The Food: Too Good to Waste program was designed through a collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency, King County and more than 25 other state, city and county government partners over the last three years. King County piloted the campaign last year with a local elementary school, and plans to make this a multi-year public education effort.  This year’s tactics included:

  • Food: Too Good To Waste videos: created three online videos that combined cooking/food shopping lessons with food waste prevention strategies, in partnership with local grocery store
  • Advertising: developed advertising strategy to help launch campaign and drive video views
  • Media launch: officially launched King County’s Food: Too Good To Waste campaign with media outreach effort
  • Web  development: developed online resources to improve content on FTGTW website and elevate climate message
  • Blogger engagement: engaged with local bloggers/chefs that have strong following to promote campaign through their networks.

Activity 1-5

Our 2014 planning is currently in progress.  Specific strategies and activities will be determined in quarter 1, with implementation in quarters 3-4.   In 2014 our aim will be to expand beyond our existing web resources, raising awareness of food waste impacts and promoting food waste prevention behaviors by providing one-to-one outreach at community outreach events.  Efforts will include extensive use of social media and we intend to pursue partnerships with local entities to leverage efforts.