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Raising Awareness to Reduce Food Waste

National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA)



  • Educate consumers about how they can minimize food waste with frozen and refrigerated products: NFRA will communicate with consumers the inherent benefits of frozen and refrigerated foods in reducing food waste.
    • Many frozen foods are pre-portioned for every lifestyle
    • You can use what you need and put the rest back in the freezer
    • Shelf life of frozen food is longer than fresh
    • Many refrigerated dairy products are pre-packaged in individual portions
    • How to interpret expiration dates and rotate foods to use them before they expire
    • How to shop the frozen and dairy aisles to make sure foods remain at their peak
  • Expand the national food waste dialogue: NFRA will participate in appropriate forums to add its voice to the larger food waste discussion.
    • As a third-party representative of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry, NFRA can communicate objectively to consumers about both NFRA’s and its member companies’ efforts in reducing food waste.
    • NFRA will communicate the food waste and sustainability efforts of its member companies to trade and consumer media.
  • Share food waste reduction resources with the frozen and refrigerated food industries: NFRA will communicate to the industry the food waste and sustainability efforts of individual NFRA member companies to serve as best practice examples.