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Biz & Food Recycling

Ramsey County, Minnesota


Biz Recycling in Ramsey County

Food Recycling in Ramsey County


The State of Minnesota objective is to increase organics recovery by 15% by 2030. Ramsey County is in agreement with the State.

Activity 1

In 2013 , a website, Biz Recycling, was launched. It encourages business , schools and institutions to increase recycling with an emphasis on Organics Recycling.  The website is a joint venture between Ramsey and Washington Counties in MN. It  offers planning assistance in recycling and organics to any entity within those counties.

Activity 2

Since 2004, Ramsey County Environmental Health has worked with a large nearby farm to collect food waste from schools,  stores, restaurants, institutions and county facilities.  This removes tonnage from the overall solid waste stream generated by Ramsey County and provides food to livestock (hogs).
Over 60 % of the public schools in Ramsey County currently  use the Food to Livestock program.
Information , support and resources are available to all those in Ramsey County.

Activity 3

On an ongoing basis, we offer information and support to trash haulers, compost facilities  and other interested parties.