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SJSU Eateries Food Waste Reduction Campaign

San Jose State University/Spartan Shops, Inc.

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Our ultimate goal is to set the precedent for continued food waste reduction until we have zero post-consumer food waste by 2020.  The goal for the period of Spring 2013 to Fall 2014 is to reduce post-consumer food waste by 5%. This is the equivalent to reducing 11,800 lbs/year for the Dining Commons to a target food waste amount of 224,200 lbs/year.

Activity 1

Public service announcements about the social, environmental, and economic impacts of food waste in the form of marketing materials, including video campaigns.

Educational outreach to members of the Dining Commons (tabling/interactive games).

Begin by October 2nd and finish by May 14th (Fall and Spring semester)

Activity 2

“Scrape Your Plate” initiative: Students will be directed to scrape their own plate into a weighed bin once a week. Students will be notified of their weekly tonnage through PSAs and other outreach strategies. Also, plates with large amounts of uneaten food will be displayed for view.

Begin initiative on Jan 23rd and end by May 14th  (Spring Semester Only)

Activity 3

“Taste, Don’t Waste” initiative: allows students to sample food items before taking a full serving of that particular item.

Begin training of incoming Dining Commons Staff on Jan 23rd and continued employee engagement through May 14th