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Former Secretaries
William Jardine
 Jardine, William Marion.

Born in Malad Valley, Oneida County, Idaho, on January 16, 1879. He graduated from Utah State Agricultural College and took graduate courses at the University of Illinois. He taught at Utah State Agricultural College and Kansas State Agricultural College. He became dean of agriculture, director of the agricultural experiment station, and finally president of Kansas State Agricultural College. He served as Secretary of Agriculture from March 5 1925, until March 4, 1929. Jardine was later United States Minister to Egypt and president of the University of Wichita, Kansas. Jardine died on January 17, 1955.

Howard Gore
 Gore, Howard Mason.

Born October 12, 1877, in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He received the degree of bachelor of arts in agriculture from the University of West Virginia. He directed the operation of several farms in West Virginia and became known as a breeder of fine cattle and hogs. He worked in the Bureau of Animal Industry and the Packers and Stockyards Administration. He was appointed as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture on September 17, 1923. He became Acting Secretary when Henry C. Wallace died, October 25, 1924. Gore was designated as Secretary of Agriculture on November 22, 1924, remaining in the position until March 4, 1925, when he became Governor of West Virginia Later he was Commissioner of Agriculture for West Virginia and was director of several banks in the State. He returned to the Federal service and worked in the Farm Security Administration. Gore died on June 20, 1947.

Henry Cantwell Wallace
 Wallace, Henry Cantwell.

Born in Rock Island, Illinois, on May 11, 1866, and grew up on the family farm in Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State College with the degree of bachelor of science in agriculture. Later he taught dairying there. He became interested in agricultural journalism and joined the staff of the family paper which was to be called Wallaces' Farmer. He became its editor in 1916 when his father died. Henry C. Wallace became Secretary of Agriculture on March 5, 1921, and served until his death in office on October 25, 1924.

Edwin Meredith
 Meredith, Edwin Thomas.

Born on December 23, 1876, Avoca, Polk County, in Iowa. After studying at Highland Park College in Des Moines, he became an agricultural journalist. He founded Successful Farming and Better Homes and Gardens. He participated in Iowa politics and served in various business and governmental positions. Meredith was Secretary of Agriculture from February 2, 1920, to March 4, 1921. He then resumed his career in journalism. Meredith died on June 17, 1928.

David Houston
 Houston, David Franklin.

Born in Monroe, Union County, North Carolina, on February 17, 1866. He received the degree of bachelor of arts from the College of South Carolina and remained for a year of graduate study. He continued his graduate study at Harvard University and received a master of arts in political science. He taught political science at the University of Texas and became dean of the faculty. He was president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and the University of Texas, and chancellor of Washington University at St. Louis. Houston served as Secretary of Agriculture from March 6, 1913, to February 2, 1920, when he became Secretary of the Treasury. Later he was president of Bell Telephone Securities Co., and a vice president of American Telephone & Telegraph Co. For a number of years he was president of Mutual Life Insurance Co., of New York. Houston died on September 2, 1940.

James Wilson
 Wilson, James (Tama Jim).

Born on August 16, 1835, in Ayrshire, Scotland. He attended Iowa (now Grinnell) College. He engaged in farming, devoting special attention to livestock feeding, and raising purebred animals. He was elected to Iowa House of Representatives and became its speaker. This prepared Wilson for membership in the United States House of Representatives, 1873-77 and 1883-85. He taught at Iowa Agricultural College and was director of the experiment station. Wilson was Secretary of Agriculture from March 6, 1897, to March 5, 1913, the longest term of any Cabinet member and the only one to serve under three Presidents. He wrote for various farm journals and was editor of the Agricultural Digest. Wilson died August 26, 1920.

Julius Morton
 Morton, Julius Sterling.

Born in Adams, Jefferson County, New York, on April 22, 1832. After attending the University of Michigan, he moved to Nebraska Territory. For a number of years he edited the Nebraska City News and farmed a quarter-section adjacent to Nebraska City. He served as a member of the Territorial legislature, as Territorial secretary, and as Acting Governor. He was repeatedly a candidate for Governor and Senator. He was Secretary of Agriculture from March 7, 1893 to March 5, 1897.

Jeremiah Rusk
 Rusk, Jeremiah McLain.

Born in Malta, Morgan County, Ohio, on June 17, 1830. In addition to farming, he held local and State positions and engaged in several business undertakings. He served in the Wisconsin State Assembly, was a member of the United States House of Representatives, 1871-77, and had three terms as Governor of Wisconsin. He was Secretary of Agriculture from March 6, 1889, to March 6, 1893. Rusk died on November 21, 1893.

Norman Coleman
 Coleman, Norman Jay.

Born near Richfield Springs, New York, on May 16, 1827. He received a law degree from the University of Louisville and moved to Indiana to practice. Later he was elected to the Missouri State Legislature and became Lieutenant Governor of the State. In 1865, he founded Coleman's Rural World. He was active in State, regional, and national agricultural organizations. He became Commissioner of Agriculture on April 3, 1885, and served as the first Secretary of the Department of Agriculture from February 15, 1889 to March 6, 1889. Coleman died November 3, 1911.

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