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USDA Energy Investments Map

The USDA Energy Investments web map contains information regarding USDA programs that provide assistance to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The map displays investment location, type of energy investment, amount of assistance provided and the administering USDA program. The energy investment data is also summarized by state, county and congressional districts to display total number of investments and total dollar amounts obligated by USDA.

Energy Investments Map Application

USDA Biorefinery Stakeholder Information System

As part of the Bioeconomy Tool Shed, the Biorefinery Stakeholder Information System (BioSIS) is designed to assist in evaluating the feasibility and opportunities for locating a new biorefinery. It presents information on demographics, landuse, biomass, feedstocks, economics, and financial management. It is organized by potential user type to help users navigate the information.

Bioeconomy Tool Shed: BioSIS Application
BioSIS Map Gallery