United States Department of Agriculture


In this Agriculture Fact Book, you will find information about American food consumption, the agricultural sector, and rural America. The book also describes the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wide-ranging programs and services, including farm programs; exports; food safety; nutrition; management of land, water, and forests; protecting our borders from pests and diseases; and research.

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This Agriculture Fact Book is a gateway to USDA information, including what people eat, how to grow a garden, how to apply for a farm loan, how to maintain the soil and water resources on your farm or in your town, and how to keep your family’s food safe.

Our farmers and ranchers are an integral part of our Nation’s economic and social fabric. Throughout the year, USDA works to strengthen policies and programs related to our mission.

Featured in italics throughout the book are "Agricultural Policy Notes," highlighting excerpts from Food and Agricultural Policy: Taking Stock for the New Century, which USDA published in September 2001.

You can find Food and Agricultural Policy: Taking Stock for the New Century, along with this Agriculture Fact Book 2001-2002, on USDA’s Web site, http://www.usda.gov. I encourage you to use this Web site, its links, and other media to find information about agriculture, food, conservation, nutrition, food safety, and related issues.

Ann M. Veneman