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  • Map information is organized as data layers. Double-click on a particular area on the map to zoom to a closer view, or use the slide bar to zoom down to an area of interest.
  • By clicking on the "Data" tab in the navigation bar on the left, you can choose to display projects by Compass theme, type of recipient, or USDA program.
  • You may also display data layers showing the density of seasonal high tunnels, or Farmers Market Nutrition Program funding; or display the outlines of county or congressional district lines.
  • Where multiple projects are located in the same location, the map pin, once selected, will pop-up a window that includes a scroll arrow with the number of pages. This arrow is found toward the right in the top of the window.
  • Some data layers only show up at a state, county, or community level to avoid confusion of too many map pins at a higher level map view. Therefore, you will need to select Data tab item then zoom in closer to see map pins.