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Greenhouse Gas Estimation

Science-Based Methods for Entity-Scale Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks from Agriculture and Forestry Practices - DRAFT

The Climate Change Program Office has released for public comment a new report that outlines a set of scientific methods for quantifying GHG emissions and carbon storage at the local farm, ranch or forest scale.

Report - DRAFT

Supporting Data

Federal Register Notice

Press Release

Technical Guidelines and Scientific Methods for Entity-Scale Greenhouse Estimation

The methods build upon previous efforts and incorporate the latest science.  Section 2709 of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 directs USDA to prepare technical guidelines and scientific methods in order to assist farmers, ranchers and forest landowners in assessing the benefits from actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration. The methods report will be used to develop a user-friendly tool for farmers and rural land owners to help them estimate greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration.

Project Fact Sheet

Project FAQ

Federal Register Notice, Feb 2011

Scientific Review of GHG Emissions Data

This December, 2011 Technical Report provides an extensive summary and synthesis of data related to estimation of GHG emissions and carbon storage.

Review of GHG Tools and Models

This February, 2012 Technical Report provides a synopsis and summary of over one hundred GHG estimation tools, models and methods that are available related to management activities across the agriculture and forestry sectors.