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Other Resources

Environmental Markets

The Ecosystem Marketplaceexternal site

Ecosystem Commonsexternal site

World Resources Instituteexternal site

Ecosystem Accounting Protocol: Increasing the Effectiveness of Investments in the Environmentexternal site

Duke Nicholas Institute: Incentivizing the Reduction of Pollution at Dairies: How to Address Additionality When Multiple Environmental Credit Payments Are Combined

Water Markets

Water Availability and Water Management; Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network

National Agricultural Library Water Quality Spotlight

Water Quality Trading Programs: An International Overviewexternal site

Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Markets

Climate Change Program Office

Climate Change Resource Centerexternal site

Agricultural Land Tenure and Carbon Offsets

Economics of Sequestering Carbon in the US Agricultural Sector

The Role of Agriculture in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gasses (C-AGG)external site

Conservation Banking and Wetland Mitigation Banking

Measuring Up: Synchronizing Biodiversity Measurement Systems for Markets and Other Incentive Programsexternal site

Payments for Ecosystem Services

Conservation Effects Assessment Project

Forest Services Ecosystem Services

Caring for Our Natural Assets: An Ecosystem Services Perspective

National Institute of Food and Agriculture Ecosystem Program

National Ecosystem Services Partnershipexternal site

Draft Federal Inventory of Ecosystem Services Research and Policyexternal site

Foundational Documents

Section 2709 of the Conservation Title

EPA and USDA Partnership Agreement Regarding Water-Quality Trading