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Food Waste Elimination Technology at the Source

Del Sol Capital Partners, LLC

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John K. Norris


Reduce up 90% of food waste going into landfills.

Activity 1

Selling food waste dehydrators to large food waste generation sources, goal is to have 12-15 units in the field.
Start and delivery dates:
July 1, 2013 through Dec 31, 2013.

Activity 2

Have 12-15 food waste trained generators by year end 2013.
Start and delivery dates:
Training to begin upon receipt of the units in the field, all fully functioning by year end 2013.

Activity 3

Train users to operate the units within one week of receipt of the units.
Start and delivery:
See activity 1.

Activity 4

Follow up with food waste generators on a monthly basis to ensure units are being properly used.