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Reduce Food Waste in All Process Steps

Prep Dish



Reduce the food waste generated through our meal plans in all steps of the process – recipe development, recipe trials, and consumer production. Extend the reach of our personal initiative by providing our consumers with the tools to reduce food waste in their daily activities as well.

Activity 1

An important part of our business is developing and testing recipes before we hand them off to consumers. In order to reduce food waste in our kitchen, we’ll recycle during the process. We will recycle both the traditional sense and by ensuring, that the food produced during our trial sessions is consumed.

Start and delivery dates:
Start July 2013 - indefinite

Activity 2

We create recipes that our consumers then follow. To ensure that the impact of this initiative reaches all of our consumers’ kitchens, we will create meal plans that use food scraps or the whole food product. If a part of the produce isn’t needed for one recipe in the meal plan, it will be used in a different recipe. That way, as the meal plans will use as much of the food as possible.

Start and delivery dates:
July 2013 - indefinite

Activity 3

In addition to our meal plans, Prep Dish provides advice to our consumers on our website. We will continue to provide our customers with tips and tools on our website to help the reduce food waste. (ex. blogs which encourage the use of reusable containers and provide resources for consumers to do so, etc.)

Start and delivery dates:
July 2013 - indefinite