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Waste Free UNT: Feed People, Not Landfills

University of North Texas

UNT Food Department in partnership with; UNT Department of Sustainability, UNT Eco-Reps, Dept. of Student Affairs,  UNT Waste Management, UNT Libraries, City of Denton Waste Management

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Reduce pre and post consumer food waste from all of our food service locations; cafeterias, retail locations and catering.

Activity 1

Install a large food waste wall graphic that communicates the effects of food waste to our customers at the dish return

Start dates: First install at Kerr Cafeteria July 2013. Installed in all cafeterias by December 2013

Activity 2

 Eco-Reps Food Waste awareness tabling. UNT Eco-Reps will set up a table near the dish return line and share information about the effects of food waste

Start and delivery dates: Starts August 2013 thru May 2014

Activity 3

Feed the hunger campaign. UNT Food department supports the campaign raising funds and awareness about the effects of food waste on world hunger. We partner with student volunteers with the Dept of Orientation and Transition Program – Class Cause. The year ends with monies donated for the purchase of food boxes that are assembled on campus and go to hungry families around the world.

Start and delivery dates: 2013-14 fund raising started in May 2013

Activity 4

Food Day, Oct. 24th / Earth Day,  April 22nd These events are a collaborative effort between ; UNT Department of Sustainability, UNT Eco-Reps, UNT Libraries, and Union Program Council. They are both nationwide celebrations of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and grassroot campaigns for better food and food waste policies. There will be guest speakers, farmers market,  a sustainability fair, 100 mile meal in our dining halls, and a sustainable picnic.

Start and delivery dates: Food Day, Oct. 24, 2013 / Earth Day,  April 22, 2014

Activity 5

Cafeteria Portion control. We consistently educate both our servers and guests on correct portion sizes. Are guests are encouraged to eat as much as they care to eat but smaller portions. Our staff is trained to give correct portion sizes and only more if the guests request it

Start and delivery dates: ongoing

Activity 6

Measurement: green garbage cans will be placed in the Kitchens. All kitchen food waste (trimmings, food that must be scrapped for whatever reason, etc) goes into only the green garbage can. The unit manager weighs/measures the volume each day and works to make each day better than the day before.  Tracking will be documented using the EPA food waste log book form.

Start and delivery dates: August 2013 - ongoing