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Avian Influenza, Bird Flu
The official U.S. government web site for information on pandemic flu and avian influenza
 Pest Management
Pest management policy, pesticide screening tool, evaluate pesticide risk, conservation buffers, training modules.
 Weather and Climate
U.S. agricultural weather highlights, weekly weather and crop bulletin, major world crop areas and climatic profiles.
 Price Support
Program updates, notices and regulations, reports, proposed rules, loan rates, forms, fact sheets.
 Nutrient Management
Nitrogen, phosphorus, fact sheets, animal waste management, irrigation.
 Plants Database
Threatened and endangered, classification, invasive and noxious, distribution, images, crop info, nutrient tool, publications.
A picture of the world globe
Crop Explorer
Provides information on crops and conditions by region, satellite images, live data and maps, with links to production estimates, area, yield, and crop assessments.