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Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP)

Type: Grants

Max award: $100,000

Big idea: To help communities support local food systems through direct marketing. Direct marketing includes farmers markets, roadside stands, community-supported agriculture, agri-tourism and other direct producer-to-consumer marketing opportunities. Project awards increase access to local foods by low-income consumers, expand opportunities for farmers and growers to market their products directly to the consumer, and raise customer awareness of local farm products through promotion and outreach.

Who can apply: Agricultural cooperatives, economic development corporations, local governments, non-profit organizations, producer associations and producer networks, public benefit corporations, regional famers market authorities, and Tribal governments.

Possibilities: FMPP grants are available to:

  • Bring local farm products into federal nutrition programs with electronic benefits transfer (EBT) technology at direct-market outlets.
  • Raise customer awareness of local foods through promotion and outreach.
  • Educate farmers and growers in marketing, business planning, and similar topics.
  • Increase market awareness through advertising and branding efforts.
  • Purchase infrastructure, such as refrigerated trucks, or equipment for a commercial kitchen for value-added products

Real example: Penn's Corner Farm Alliance of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania used a $45,000 FMPP grant to make infrastructure upgrades to their cooperative market, including new refrigerated storage and trucks. The market, which serves restaurants and a CSA program, has helped their business grow 12-fold in five years, and the Alliance now has over 700 CSA shareholders and 30 farmers and serves three dozen restaurants.

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