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AGENCY: National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Community Food Projects

Type:Competitive Grants Program

Max Award:Projects are funded from $10,000-$300,000 and from 1 to 3 years. They are one-time grants that require a dollar-for-dollar match in resources.

Big Idea: Community Food Projects fund proactive approaches to making communities more self reliant at maintaining their food systems while addressing food, nutrition, and farm issues. Grants are intended to help eligible private nonprofit entities that need a one-time infusion of federal assistance to establish and carry out multipurpose community food projects.

Who can apply:

  • Not for profit etc.:Not for profit entities

Can you see an opportunity where you live?:

  • Real Examples:Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon partnered with The Oregon Food Bank, Heifer Project International Northwest Region, Oregon Farmers Market Association and Benton County Food Systems Coalition to create marketing alliances with farmers, congregations and emergency food projects and increase education and awareness of local food and nutrition among congregations and community members. They are currently working to develop a community kitchen, a community garden, and a market, farmstead or buying club for low-income families.

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