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New Farmers. We're here for you

New and beginning farmers and ranchers are as diverse as American agriculture itself. New farmers are growing traditional crops and new varieties, organic produce and heirloom products. They are part of row-crop farms - employing cutting-edge technology and equipment - and community supported agriculture programs - delivering fresh products directly to their neighbors. They are raising beef, pork, dairy cattle, poultry, and fish on operations of every size.

Our diversity, youth engagement, and types of agriculture are all increasing, and growing the next generation of agriculture has never been more exciting or more urgent than it is right now. And as the average age of farmers and ranchers in America continues to rise, the question of how we build our bench in agriculture becomes ever more important.

Here at USDA, we are working hard to make sure we are ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

This web site is just the beginning. What will you find here?

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