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Case studies

Environmental Quality Incentives Program

In New Hampshire, USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service is helping beginning farmer Meghan Bickford of Diamond B Farm in New Durham implement a number of sustainable practices through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. With NRCS support, Meghan established a rotational grazing plan for her herd of Belted Galloway and Angus cattle; built a ground gutter and grassed waterway to treat barnyard runoff; and is implementing a forest stand improvement plan. Although developers are keenly interested in the farm's real estate, Meghan has instead expanded local sales through Facebook and word-of-mouth relationships, securing a year-round group of local customers dedicated to supporting the farm as a community resource and a steward of the environment.

'This farm is really a 4-H project that got out of hand,' says Meghan Bickford, 22, who manages a farm in New Durham, NH. Read more about Meghan's conservation efforts with USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service.