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About the Office of the Chief Scientist

The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) provides leadership and coordination to ensure that research supported by, and scientific advice provided to the Department and external stakeholders is held to the highest standards of intellectual rigor and scientific integrity.

The OCS strives to inform policy and programmatic decisions within the Department by providing the best available scientific advice and input; establishing appropriate linkages between the USDA and other science-performing organizations in government (U.S. and abroad), academia, and industry; and ensuring the dissemination of science performed by the Department to policy makers and decision leaders across the spectrum of policy making nationally and internationally.


Catherine Woteki, USDA Chief Scientist/Under Secretary for REE Mission Area

Kim Green, Director of the Office of the Chief Scientist

Richard Derksen, Deputy Director of the Office of the Chief Scientist

Senior Staff/Advisors (Permanent)

Jaime Adams, Senior Advisor for International Affairs

Neena Anandaraman, Veterinary Science Policy Advisor

Douglas Bannerman, Departmental Scientific Integrity Officer

Rena Bannister, Administrative Assistant, 202-720-3444

Elizabeth Dann, Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation Officer

Senior Advisors (Rotating)

Skip Hyberg, Senior Advisor for Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources

Chelcy Ford Miniat, Senior Advisor for Water & Natural Resources

Seth C. Murray, Senior Advisor for Agricultural Systems

Debra Peters, Senior Advisor for Earth Observation

Valerie Reed, Senior Advisor for Bioenergy

James E. Rogers, Senior Advisor for Food Safety

Ann Marie Thro, Senior Advisor for Plant Health & Production and Plant Products

Yibo Wood, Senior Nutritionist and Global Initiative Coordinator


Genevieve Croft, International Affairs Fellow

Michelle Landes, Agriculture Science Fellow

Elizabeth Stulberg, Agricultural Science Fellow