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Rajen S. Anand, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Photo of Rajen S. Anand

Dr. Anand joined President Obama's Administration as a political appointee in the United States Department of Agriculture for the second time on July 6, 2009 serving as the Executive Director, USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP). He also previously served as the Executive Director of CNPP in President Clinton's Administration, 1997-2001, after serving as Deputy Director, 1995-1997.

Under his leadership, CNPP in cooperation with the Department of Health and Human Services released the 2010 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans and a new Food Icon, MyPlate, which received a wide and positive response from all segments of the media. The Center produced the 50th anniversary of Expenditures on Children by Families 2010 and updated various food plans, including Thrifty Food Plan which forms the basis for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program allocation.

During his previous tenure, the Center released the 1995 and 2000 editions of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, developed and issued a Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children, ages 2-6, produced a new Thrifty Food Plan, reviewed and reported the dietary Status of WIC participants, and developed a Healthy Eating Index, a measure of overall diet quality of individuals. He also arranged highly successful all-day symposia on contemporary topics.

Dr. Anand was at the California State University, Long Beach as faculty since 1970. He also served as the founding chair of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology (1985-1989) and chair of the Department of Communicative Disorders (1990-1992).

Dr. Anand received his Ph.D. in human physiology, nutrition, and biochemistry from the University of California Davis in 1969. He also holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine. He completed post-doctoral fellowships at U.C. Davis in metabolism, and at the UCLA Harbor Medical Center in pediatric endocrinology. Dr. Anand's research was in the area of energy metabolism, particularly involving in-utero studies on the effect of maternal nutrition on the developing fetus. At USDA, his research dealt with the study of overall diet quality and its linkage to chronic diseases among Americans. Dr. Anand has lectured at the national and international professional meetings.

Dr. Anand has been honored with several academic awards, including the Outstanding Professor Award at the Long Beach campus (for excellence in teaching, research and community service). He also was twice recipient of the Meritorious Performance & Professional Promise Award. At U.C Davis, he was bestowed with the Outstanding Student Award in 1967 and 1968, and the Hertzendorf Memorial Award in Physiology in 1969 (for academic achievements and humanitarian qualities). He is listed in a number of bibliographic volumes.

In 1994, Dr. Anand was appointed to serve on the congressionally mandated 11- member National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation. He was reappointed in 1997 and 2000 for additional 3-year terms ending in the year 2002.

A free-lance journalist, Dr. Anand has published over 350 news stories and articles in various newspapers and magazines, in addition to his many scientific papers in national and international journals.