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2016 Feds Feed Families Chairs and Champions

Participating Federal Executive Departments and Agencies have designated the following Chairs and Champions who will serve as primary contacts for their 2016 FFF Campaign. Please contact them if you have questions or need information about your Department/Agency's campaign.

Census Bureau
Destiny Cusick, Chair
Email: destiny.d.cusick@census.gov

Jovanna Wiggins, Champion
Email: jovanna.wiggins@census.gov

Center for Disease Control
Yolanda Dangerfield, Chair/Champion
Email: ysd1@cdc.gov

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA)
Beverly Young, Chair/Champion
Email: beverly.young@csosa.gov

Department of Agriculture
Sabrina Ferguson-Ward, Chair
Email: sabrina.m.ferguson-ward@dm.usda.gov

Department of Commerce
Lucas Hitt, Chair
Email: lucas.hitt@bea.gov

Sonia Tyson, Champion
Email: sonia.tyson@bea.gov

Laniera Jones, Champion
Email: laniera.jones@bea.gov

Department of Commerce - Bureau of Economic Analysis
Kevin Mahoney, Chair
Email: kmahoney@doc.gov

Clinton A. Vicks, Champion
Email: cvicks@doc.gov

Department of Defense
Julia A. Blanks, Chair
Email: julie.a.blanks.civ@mail.mil
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Valerie W. Thompson, Champion
Email: valerie.w.thompson.civ@mail.mil
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Department of Education
Robert Layton, Chair
Email: robert.layton@ed.gov

Patrick Coffey, Champion
Email: patrick.coffey@ed.gov

Department of Energy
Jeffery Anoka, Chair
Email: jeffery.anoka@hq.doe.gov

Rauland Sharp, Champion
Email: rauland.sharp@hq.doe.gov

Department of Health and Human Services
Jason Love, Chair/Champion
Email: jason.love@hhs.gov

Ernita Collins, Champion
Email: ernita.collins@hhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security
Jonathan Shafler, Chair
Email: jonathan.i.schafler@uscg.mil
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Terry Hill, Champion
Email: terrence.hill@dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - FEMA REGION IX
Debbie Lewis, Chair/Champion
Email: debbie.lewis@fema.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - CBP
Executive Assistant Commissioner Chief Ronald D. Vitiello, Chair
Email: ronald.d.vitiello@cbp.dhs.gov

Craig M. Kenner, Champion
Email: craig.m.kenner@cbp.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - TSA
Karen Shelton Waters, Champion
Email: karen.sheltonwaters@tsa.dhs.gov

Monica Morrison, Champion
Email: monica.morrison@tsa.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - USCIS
Kevin Kerns, Chair
Email: kevin.j.kerns@uscis.dhs.gov

Rachel Ellis, Chair
Email: rachel.ellis@uscis.dhs.gov

Fairy White, Champion
Email: fairy.white@uscis.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - CISOMB
Gary Merson, Chair
Email: gary.merson@hq.dhs.gov

Raquel Caesar, Champion
Email: raquel.caesar@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - FEMA
Mary E. Oliver, Chair
Email: mary.oliver2@fema.dhs.gov

Makeba Armstrong, Chair
Email: makeba.armstrong@fema.dhs.gov

Yvonnzier Staley, Champion
Email: yvonnzier.staley@fema.dhs.gov

Courtney Parker, Champion
Email: courtney.parker@hq.dhs.gov

Tiba Tavassoli, Champion
Email: tiba.tavassoli@fema.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - FEMA-OSCO
Luz M. Ruiz, Chair/Champion
Email: luz.ruiz@fema.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - FEMA-ORR
Katie Riconda, Chair/Champion
Email: katelyn.riconda@fema.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - NPPD
Antonio Ohe, Chair
Email: antonio.ohe@hq.dhs.gov

Kenneth Sullivan, Champion
Email: kenneth.sullivan@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - OCRSO
Laurie Boulden, Chair
Email: laurie.boulden@hq.dhs.gov

Erika Eicholtz, Champion
Email: erika.eicholtz@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Towanda A. Brooks, Chair
Email: towanda.a.brooks@hud.gov

Jean Lin Pao, Chair
Email: jean.lin.pao@hud.gov

Paulette N. Ceophas, Champion
Email: paulette.n.ceophas@hud.gov

Lesley W. Willliams, Champion
Email: lesley.w.williams@hud.gov

Department of Interior
Mary Pletcher, Chair
Email: mary_pletcher@ios.doi.gov

Archie Barnes, Champion
Email: archie_barnes@ios.doi.gov

Department of Justice
Glenn Kivlen, Chair
Email: jmdawardsevents@usdoj.gov

Rena Garrett, Champion
Email: jmdawardsevents@usdoj.gov

Department of Labor
Tammy Edwards, Chair
Email: edwards.tammy.a@dol.gov

Thomas Martin, Chair
Email: martin.thomas@dol.gov

Department of State
Judy G. Ikels, Chair
Email: ikelsjg@state.gov

Kerri Glass, Champion
Email: glasske@state.gov

Jodi Rizzotte, Champion
Email: rizzottej@state.gov

Department of Transportation
Cecilia Madan, Chair
Email: cecilia.madan@dot.gov

Jessica Koehler, Champion
Email: jessica.koehler@dot.gov

Department of Transportation - PHMSA
Vincent Lopez, Chair/Champion
Email: vincent.lopez@dot.gov

Department of Treasury
Marquee Washington, Chair

Margaret Tischer, Champion
Email: margaret.tischer@treasury.gov

Department of Veterans Affairs
Catherine Biggs-Silvers, Chair
Email: catherine.biggs-silver@va.gov

Barbi Karr, Champion
Email: barbi.karr@va.gov

Jonathan Carter, Champion
Email: jonathan.carter4@va.gov

Judy B. Welch, Champion
Email: judy.welch@va.gov

Charles Smith, Champion
Email: charles.smith13@va.gov

Environmental Protection Agency
Christopher Van Fultz, Chair
Email: fultz.christopher@epa.gov

Crystal Vitagliano, Chair
Email: vitagliano.crystal@epa.gov

Ashley Harper, Champion
Email: harper.ashley@epa.gov

Kelly van Bronkhorst, Champion
Email: vanbronkhorst.kelly@epa.gov

Katie Saunders, Champion
Email: saunders.katie@epa.gov

Kathleen Aisling, Champion
Email: aisling.kathleen@epa.gov

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Rocio Hertig, Chair
Email: rocio.hertig@eeoc.gov

Freddie Barnes, Champion
Email: freddie.barnes@eeoc.gov

Steven Scguster, Champion
Email: steven.scguster@eeoc.gov

Rodney Yelder, Champion
Email: rodney.yelder@eeoc.gov

Executive Office of the President
Kristie Mark, Chair
Email: kmark@oa.eop.gov

Sierra Bedregal, Champion
Email: sierra_l._bedregal@oa.eop.gov

Federal Aviation Administration
Tierra Willis, Chair
Email: tierra.willis@faa.gov

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Keren Stapleton, Chair/Champion
Email: karen.stapleton@ic.fbi.gov

Federal Communications Commission
Rob Fream, Chair/Champion
Email: rob.fream@fcc.gov

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Robyn Poole, Chair
Email: rpoole@fdic.gov

Catherine Colon, Champion
Email: ccolon@fdic.gov

Kathleen Bennett, Champion
Email: katbennett@fdic.gov

Federal Elections Commission
Kevin Salley, Chair/Champion
Email: ksalley@fec.gov

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Eduardo Ribas, Chair/Champion
Email: eduardo.ribas@ferc.gov

Federal Executive Board
Lindsay Stevenson, Chair/Champion
Email: lindsey.stevenson@opm.gov

Federal Labor Relations Authority
Norma Pullen, Chair
Email: npullen@flra.gov

Anne Katz, Champion
Email: akatz@flra.gov

Federal Law Enforcement Training
Connie L. Patrick, Chair/Champion

Federal Trade Commission
Douglas Craig, Chair
Email: dcraig@ftc.gov

Alarsim Obaigbena, Chair
Email: aobaigbena@ftc.gov

Mark W. Oemler, Champion
Email: moemler@ftc.gov

Rokeisha Haizlip, Champion
Email: rhaizlip@ftc.gov

Food and Drug Administration
Donovan Simpson, Chair
Email: donovan.simpson@fda.hhs.gov

Neil Skidmore, Champion
Email: neil.skidmore@gsa.gov

General Services Administration
Anthony (Tony) Costa, Chair
Email: tony.costa@gsa.gov

Iris Bowman, Chair
Email: iris.bowman@gsa.gov

Phyllis Washington, Champion
Email: phyllis.washington@gsa.gov

Colleen Toney-Wright, Champion
Email: colleen.toney-wright@gsa.gov

Health Resources and Services Administration
John (Jay) Womack, Chair

Sheila Keenan, Champion

Inspector General for Tax Administration
Cynthia (Cindy) Reynolds, Chair
Email: cynthia.reynolds@tigta.treas.gov

Peggy Evans, Champion
Email: peggy.evans@tigta.treas.gov

Institute of Museum and Library Services
Daminshia King, Chair/Champion
Email: dking@imls.gov

Inez Hunter, Chair
Email: inez.hunter@nasa.gov

National Credit Union Administration
JeanMarie Komyathy, Chair
Email: komyathy@nca.gov

Todd M. Harper, Chair
Email: tharper@ncua.gov

Al Garesche, Chair
Email: agaresche@ncua.gov

Terri Finley-Harrigan, Champion
Email: tfinleyharrigan@ncua.gov

National Endowment for the Humanities
Derika Ferdinand, Chair
Email: dferdinand@neh.gov

Jorge Vasquez, Champion
Email: jvasquez@neh.gov

Renee Lyles, Champion
Email: rlyles@neh.gov

National Institute of Health
Tim Tosten, Chair
Email: tostent@mail.nih.gov

Corey Welcher, Champion
Email: corey.welcher@nih.gov

National Labor Relations Board
Chinelle Martin, Chair
Email: chinelle.martin@nlrb.gov

National Science Foundation
Joanne Tornow, Chair
Email: jtornow@nsf.gov

Jim Kurose, Chair
Email: jkurose@nsf.gov

Tracy Rozell, Champion
Email: trozell@nsf.gov

Brittany Eason, Champion
Email: beason@nsf.gov

Kelley Bronson, Champion
Email: kbronson@nsf.gov

Office of Director of National Intelligence
Melanie D'Angelo, Chair
Email: melanie.dangelo@dni.gov

Linda Luisi, Champion

Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission
Madeleine Pope, Chair
Email: mpope@oshrc.gov

Arvetta D. Diggs, Champion
Email: adiggs@oshrc.gov

Josh Patrick, Champion
Email: jpatrick@oshrc.gov

Office of Personnel Management
Veronica E. Villalobos, Chair
Email: veronica.villalobos@opm.gov

Robert Demott, Champion
Email: robert.demott@opm.gov

Trevor Smith, Champion
Email: trevor.smith@opm.gov

Peace Corps
Sarah Marshall, Chair
Email: smarshall@peacecorps.gov

Jill Matthews, Champion
Email: jmatthews@peacecorps.gov

Pension Guarantee Corporation Group
Alisa Cottone, Chair
Email: cottone.alisa@pbgc.gov

Postal Regulatory Commission
Jennie Jbara, Chair
Email: jennie.jbara@prc.gov

Mary Hanks, Champion
Email: mary.hanks@prc.gov

Securities and Exchange Commission
Archana Gahlot, Chair
Email: gahlota@sec.gov

Small Business Administration
Mark Walsh, Chair

Jeremy Pelter, Chair
Email: jeremy.pelter@sba.gov

Bethany Shana, Champion

Michele Genovese, Champion

Smithsonian Institute
Cargie Vaughn, Chair
Email: vaughca@si.edu
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Kathleen Fleming, Chair
Email: flemingk@si.edu
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Social Security Administration
Reginald F. Wells, Chair
Email: reginald.wells@ssa.gov

Daniel J. Gervasi, Jr, Chair
Email: daniel.gervasi.jr@ssa.gov

Stacy Rodgers, Champion
Email: stacy.rodgers@ssa.gov

Elliott Utley, Champion
Email: elliott.utley@ssa.gov

Saran Ott, Champion
Email: saran.ott@ssa.gov

Linda Luisi, Chair
Email: lindacl0@ucia.gov

Melanie D'Angelo, Chair
Email: melanie.dangelo@dni.gov

U.S. Agency for International Development
Patricia Lamond, Chair
Email: plamond@usaid.gov

U.S. Coast Guard
William Grawe, Chair
Email: william.r.grawe@uscg.mil
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Tangela Hummons, Chair
Email: tangela.f.hummons@uscg.mil
This is an external link or third-party site outside of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website.

Kevin McCormack, Champion
Email: kevin.j.mccormack@uscg.mil
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U.S. State's Attorney's Office - DC
Susan Feaster, Chair
Email: susan.feaster@usdoj.gov

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Miriam Cohen, Chair
Email: miriam.cohen@nrc.gov

Reinaldo Picon-Colon, Champion
Email: reinaldo.picon-colon@nrc.gov

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Jim Nowak, Chair
Email: jim.nowak@uspto.gov

U.S. Government Development Finance Institution
Sharon E. Crawford, Chair
Email: sharon.crawford@opic.gov