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2014 Feds Feeds Families Chairs and Champions

Participating Federal Executive Departments and Agencies have designated the following Chairs and Champions who will serve as primary contacts for their 2014 FFF Campaign. Please contact them if you have questions or need information about your Department/Agency's campaign.

Corporation For National Community Service
Denise Yeager, Chair
Email: dyeager@cns.gov

Andrew Wasilisin, Champion
Email: awasilisin@cns.gov

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA)
Beverly Young, Chair/Champion
Email: beverly.young@csosa.gov

Department of Agriculture
John Glover, Chair
Email: john.glover@wdc.usda.gov

Marian Romero, Champion
Email: MARIAN.ROMERO@dm.usda.gov

Department of Commerce - Bureau of Economic Analysis
Lucas Hitt, Chair
Email: lucas.hitt@bea.gov

Sonia Tyson, Champion
Email: sonia.tyson@bea.gov

Tanya Shen, Champion
Email: tanya.shen@bea.gov

Department of Defense
Paige Hinkle-Bowles, Chair
Email: Paige.Hinkle-Bowles@osd.mil
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Howard R. Ferguson, Champion
Email: Howard.Ferguson@cpms.osd.mil
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Department of Defense - DISA
Lisa Laviguer, Chair
Email: Lisa.l.laviguer.civ@mail.mil
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Jamie Loeser, Champion
Email: jamie.loeser.civ@mail.mil
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Monique Bragg, Champion
Email: monique.v.bragg.civ@mail.mil
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Department of Education
David Cogdill, Chair
Email: David.Cogdill@ed.gov

Pat Butler, Champion
Email: Pat.Butler@ed.gov

Sidney Murrish, Champion
Email: Sidney@Murrish@ed.gov

Department of Energy
Tony Nguyen, Chair
Email: Tony.Nguyen@hq.doe.gov

Deb Lemmeyer, Champion
Email: debra.lemmeyer@hq.doe.gov

Joseph Zavala, Alternate Contact
Email: joseph.zavala@hq.doe.gov

Department of Health and Human Services
Karolyn Cook, Chair
Email: karolyn.cook@hhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security
Dallas Brown, Chair
Email: dallas.brown@dhs.gov

Terry Hill, Champion
Email: terrence.hill@dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - CBP
Randolph D. Alles, Chair
Email: randolph.d.alles@cbp.dhs.gov

Craig Kenner, Chair/Champion
Email: craig.m.kenner@cbp.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - TSA
Monica Morrison, Champion
Email: monica.morrison@tsa.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - USCIS
Fairy White, Chair
Email: Fairy.White@uscis.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - CISOMB
Gary Merson, Chair
Email: gary.merson@hq.dhs.gov

Raquel Caesar, Champion
Email: Raquel.caesar@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - FEMA
Mary E. Oliver, Chair
Email: mary.oliver2@fema.dhs.gov

Linda Landers, Champion
Email: linda.landers@fema.dhs.gov

Yvonnzier Staley, Champion
Email: yvonnzier.staley@fema.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - FEMA-OSCO
Luz M. Ruiz, Chair
Email: luz.ruiz@fema.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - NPPD
Lynda Yezzi, Champion
Email: lynda.yezzi@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Homeland Security - OCRSO
Laurie Boulden, Chair
Email: laurie.boulden@hq.dhs.gov

Mike Beaty, Champion
Email: mike.beaty@hq.dhs.gov

Department of Interior
Mary Pletcher, Chair
Email: mary_pletcher@ios.doi.gov

Archie Barnes, Champion
Email: archie_barnes@ios.doi.gov

Department of Justice
Glenn Kivlen, Chair
Email: JmdAwardsEvents@usdoj.gov

Cortez Puryear, Champion
Email: JmdAwardsEvents@usdoj.gov

Rena Garrett, Champion
Email: JmdAwardsEvents@usdoj.gov

Department of Labor
Viviana Bernstein, Chair
Email: Bernstein.Viviana@dol.gov

Department of State
Jamila S. Gantenbein, Chair
Email: GantenbeinJS@state.gov

Department of Transportation
Brodi Fontenot, Chair
Email: Brodi.fontenot@dot.gov

Cecilia Madan, Champion
Email: Cecilia.madan@dot.gov

Linda Cross, Champion
Email: Linda.Cross@dot.gov

Department of Treasury
Anita Blair, Chair
Email: Anita.blair@treasury.gov

Margaret Tischer, Champion (Alternate Contact)
Email: Margaret.Tischer@treasury.gov

Utokia Langley, Champion
Email: Utokia.Langley@irs.gov

Department of Veterans Affairs
Paula Molloy, Chair
Email: Paula.Molloy@va.gov

Deborah Munn, Champion
Email: Deborah.munn@va.gov

Environmental Protection Agency
Nigel Simon, Chair
Email: simon.nigel@epa.gov

Teresa Hill, Champion
Email: hill.teresa@epa.gov

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Hope Osborne, Chair
Email: hope.osborne@eeoc.gov

Micole Walker, Champion
Email: micole.walker@eeoc.gov

Sharon Banks, Champion
Email: sharon.banks@eeoc.gov

Executive Office of the President
Dionne Rodriquez, Chair
Email: drodriguez@oa.eop.gov

Cecilia Trujillo, Champion
Email: ctrujillo@oa.eop.gov

Kathleen Giacolone, Champion
Email: kgiacolone@oa.eop.gov

Federal Communications Commission
Jessica Almond, Chair
Email: jessica.almond@fcc.gov

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Robyn Poole, Chair
Email: rpoole@fdic.gov

Catherine Colon, Champion
Email: Ccolon@fdic.gov

Federal Elections Commission
Kevin Salley, Chair
Email: ksalley@fec.gov

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Hilary Glassman, Chair
Email: hilaryglassman@ferc.gov

Jennifer Meffert, Chair
Email: jennifer.meffert@ferc.gov

Eduardo Ribas, Champion
Email: eduardo.ribas@ferc.gov

Federal Labor Relations Authority
Barbara Kraft, Chair
Email: Bkraft@flra.gov

Anne Katz, Champion
Email: Akatz@flra.gov

General Services Administration
Anthony (Tony) Costa, Chair
Email: Tony.Costa@gsa.gov

Neil Skidmore, Champion
Email: neil.skidmore@gsa.gov

Institute of Museum and Library Services
Kim Okahara, Chair
Email: kokahara@imls.gov

Elizabeth Lyons, Champion
Email: elyons@imls.gov

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Mary Dunn, Chair
Email: mdunn@nasa.gov

National Credit Union Administration
Todd Harper, Chair
Email: tharper@ncua.gov

Terri Finley-Harrigan, Champion
Email: tfinleyharrigan@ncua.gov

Roslyn Hendricks, Champion
Email: roslynh@ncua.gov

National Endowment for the Humanities
Derika Ferdinand, Chair
Email: dferdinand@neh.gov

Jorge Vasquez, Champion
Email: jvasquez@neh.gov

Renee Lyles, Champion
Email: rlyles@neh.gov

National Labor Relations Board
Chinelle Martin, Chair
Email: Chinelle.Martin@nlrb.gov

Francesca Peters, Champion
Email: francesca.peters@nlrb.gov

National Science Foundation
Judith Sunley, Chair
Email: jsunley@nsf.gov

Gerri Ratliff, Co-Chair
Email: glratlif@nsf.gov

Lee Anne Arslan, Champion
Email: larslan@nsf.gov

Margie Johnson, Champion
Email: mcjohnson@nsf.gov

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Gerry Powell, Chair
Email: gerry.powell@nrc.gov

Office of Director of National Intelligence
Sam Levy, Chair
Email: samuelhl@dni.gov

Anna Reilly, Champion
Email: annamr2@dni.gov

Office of Personnel Management
Andrea Bright, Chair
Email: Andrea.Bright@opm.gov

Peace Corps
Rebecca Huff, Champion
Email: rhuff@peacecorps.gov

Pension Guarantee Corporation Group
Cathleen Kronopolus, Chair
Email: Kronopolus.cathleen@pbgc.gov

Tamara Lewis, Champion
Email: tamara.lewis@pbgc.gov

Teresa Torres, Champion
Email: teresa.torres@pbgc.gov

Postal Regulatory Commission
Jennie Jbara, Chair
Email: jennie.jbara@prc.gov

Mary Hanks, Champion
Email: mary.hanks@prc.gov

Securities and Exchange Commission
Jamey McNamara, Chair
Email: mcnamaraja@sec.gov

Jennah Mathieson, Champion
Email: mathiesonj@sec.gov

Champion, Gordon Fuller
Email: fullerg@sec.gov

Small Business Administration
Jeremy Pelter, Co-Chair (Headquarters)
Email: Jeremy.Pelter@sba.gov

Kenneth Dodds, Co-Chair (Headquarters)
Email: Kenneth.Dodds@sba.gov

Robert Steiner, Co-Chair (Field)
Email: robert.steiner@sba.gov

Carroll Thomas, Champion
Email: carroll.thomas@sba.gov

Smithsonian Institute
Cargie Vaughn, Chair
Email: VAUGHCA@si.edu
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Randy Peters, Champion
Email: PetersR@si.edu
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Social Security Administration
Reginald F. Wells, Chair
Email: reginald.wells@ssa.gov

Stacy Rodgers, Senior Champion
Email: Stacy.Rodgers@ssa.gov

Kim Shelton, Alternate Contact
Email: kim.shelton@ssa.gov

Pam Hoke, Co-Champion
Email: pam.hoke@ssa.gov

U.S. Agency for International Development
Zaid Zaid, Chair
Email: zzaid@usaid.gov

Douglas Kramer, Champion
Email: dkramer@usaid.gov

Patricia Radar, Champion
Email: prader@usaid.gov