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Science Council

The Science Council facilitates cross-Department coordination and collaboration among all USDA agencies to ensure that science informs policy and program decisions as well as to advance the scientific discovery, technological breakthroughs and innovation required to achieve the Secretary's science and technology priorities.The Science Council members represent all USDA Missions, Agencies, and Program Offices Heads or their Senior Staff delegates.

Education Coordinating Council

We consider it a high priority to increase educational opportunities available to all in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in order to fill the education pipeline with the next generation of scientists to carry on the important work that bolsters our agricultural system.

The Education Coordinating Council cultivates the robust partnerships across the Department needed to achieve Secretary Vilsack's goals of "building a modern workplace with a modern workforce;" fostering the next generation of workers in university teaching and research; meeting the needs of the private sector; and improving public awareness of the important role that the food, agricultural, and natural resource sectors play in promoting our country's physical and economic health and security.

  • Ann M. Bartuska, Chair
  • Muquarrab Qureshi, Co-Chair

Scientific Data Management Committee

Information technologies are reshaping the practice of science. Digital imaging, sensors, analytical instrumentation and other technologies are becoming increasingly central to research in all areas of agricultural science. It is now possible for scientists to share not only their research results, but also the scientific data on which the results are based.

As one of the premier science agencies of the federal government, USDA has a broad array of programs to develop, support, and facilitate scientific research.

The Scientific Data Management Committee provides a platform for USDA agencies to create synergies and new approaches that no single agency could have achieved alone. To multiply the value of the research currently being supported across the USDA agencies, this Committee develops approaches and solutions to the challenges of standardization, exchange, storage, security, analysis, and visualization of agricultural information. Please visit the US government's Food, Agriculture, and Rural Data Community to find federal datasets, statistics, and tools to analyze issues relevant to food, agriculture, and rural areas.

  • Simon Liu, Chair

Statistics Committee

Statistics released by USDA agencies inform decisions at every step of the value chain between agricultural producers and consumers. Statistics influence which crops farmers grow, where exporters ship, and how food manufacturers supply grocery stores across the country. They are also used to determine eligibility for USDA programs for growers, households, and communities, and their influence extends to financial markets around the world.

The Statistics Committee provides agencies throughout USDA with a forum to assure consistency in the creation and use of statistical information. In addition to the application of statistical methodology for data collection and analysis, the creation of statistical information by the USDA often requires collaboration across agencies. The Committee helps agencies work together to develop approaches that enhance the value of scientific data, and to facilitate agency initiatives that efficiently produce statistical information for meaningful, accurate descriptions and forecasts of food and agriculture.

  • Mary Bohman, Chair
  • Cynthia Clark, Co-Chair