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Secretary's Weekly Radio Address
 June 6, 2014 TV #68 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Rural-Made Goes World Wide

This week at USDA - I visited Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, a small city outside of my hometown of Pittsburgh to kick off the first of five Made in Rural America forums designed to help rural small businesses access the information they need to grow through exports.

 May 30, 2014 TV #67 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Supporting Cutting Edge Conservation

This week at USDA - USDA and its partners launched a new conservation initiative, the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), a program that goes beyond traditional government support for conservation and allows businesses and other for-profit partners to invest in regional conservation projects. RCPP takes conservation off the farm and out of the forest and moves it into the board room.

 May 23, 2014 TV #66 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Caring for Our Forests, Protecting Our Families and Our Communities

This week at USDA - Over the past several years, we have seen the spread and occurrence of wildfires increase significantly. Deadly wildfires threaten our homes and communities and turn lives upside down.

 May 16, 2014 TV #64 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Protecting Our Pollinators

This week at USDA - USDA and its partners released the results of the eight annual national survey of honey bee losses. The survey shows good news-fewer honey bee colonies were lost this winter than in previous years. According to survey results, total losses of managed honey bee colonies from all causes were 23.2 percent nationwide.

 May 9, 2014 TV #64 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Helping America's Farmers Rise to the Challenge of Climate Change

This week at USDA - Farmers, ranchers and foresters have long understood the need to care for our land and water-not only because preserving those resources for our children and their children is the right thing to do, but because they know that our farms and forests are more productive and efficient when they're properly cared for.

 May 2, 2014 TV #63 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Landmark Farm Bill Support for Conservation Helps to Boost Rural Economy

This week at USDA, Rural Americans have always had a strong connection to the land. Since 2009 alone, more than 500,000 farmers, ranchers and rural land owners across the country have embarked on record conservation projects with USDA as a partner.

 April 25, 2014 TV #62 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Supporting Families Facing Adversity: USDA Achieves Results for Producers after Week One of Disaster Assistance Sign up By Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Last week, farmers and ranchers began signing up for disaster assistance programs that were restored by the 2014 Farm Bill. While it took a year to implement disaster relief programs after the last farm bill was passed in 2008, disaster programs were up and running in just 60 days this time around, thanks to hardworking Farm Service Agency (FSA) employees in more than 2,000 offices across the country. These disaster programs will not replace all of the losses farmers and ranchers faced, but it will provide some relief and help ensure that extreme weather won't cause families to lose the farm.

 April 18, 2014 TV #61 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Farm Bill Supports Specialty Crop Growers, Improves Access to Healthy Food

This week at USDA, the 2014 Farm Bill has already set in motion and accomplished so much for our country. With historic support for specialty crop producers across the country, the bill will touch every one of our lives through one of the most basic of human needs: food.

 April 11, 2014 TV #60 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Disaster Assistance Sign Up for Farmers and Ranchers to Begin April 15

This week at USDA, over the past several years, livestock producers have suffered through long-term drought, blizzards and other extreme weather-related disasters.

 April 4, 2014 TV #59 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - USDA Science You Can See

This week at USDA: While most people have a mental image of research that involves scientists in lab coats, bubbling test tubes and beakers, and technical language that can seem complex, much of the groundbreaking research conducted by USDA scientists actually ends up on your plate, in your home, or on your back.

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