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Secretary's Weekly Radio Address
Each week, on Thursday afternoon, Secretary Vilsack publishes a radio address available for download and broadcast
 August 20, 2014 TV #77 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - TSkyrocketing Fire Costs

This week at USDA - Over the past twenty years, a changing climate, population growth near forests and rangelands, and the buildup of brush and other fuels have dramatically increased the severity of wildfires and the damage that they cause to our natural lands and communities.

 August 13, 2014 TV #76 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - The Farm Bill at Work in Your State

Last week, USDA marked the six-month anniversary of the signing of the 2014 Farm Bill. I am proud to say that we've made important progress on every title of the Farm Bill, including issuing disaster assistance payments, updating risk management tools, modifying farm loan programs, announcing new support for agricultural research, establishing new conservation programs, and much more.

 August 6, 2014 TV #75 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Partnerships Power Conservation Efforts

This week at USDA - When USDA launched the Regional Conservation Partnership Program several months ago, we talked about our hope that this new way of doing business would build coalitions of unlikely partners and bring new money and resources for conservation projects to the table.

 July 25, 2014 TV #74 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Making the Business Case for Rural America

This week at USDA - These days, it seems like it's easier than ever to turn a good idea into reality. This is the era of Kickstarter, where entrepreneurs can connect with potential investors at the click of a button.

 July 18, 2014 TV #73 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Help for Rural Californians Suffering Through Drought

This week at USDA - This week, I visited the small town of Cameron Creek Colony in Tulare County, California and saw firsthand the challenges drought poses, particularly for those living in rural communities.

 July 11, 2014 TV #72 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - USDA, Partners Help Fill the Summer Meal Gap

This week at USDA - In the battle for our children's future, one of the most powerful things we can do to protect them is to ensure they get the nutrition they need to learn and grow.

 July 3, 2014 TV #71 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - USDA Support Keeps Old Glory Flying High

This week at USDA - What began as a small sail-making shop in 19th century New York City has evolved into the modern realization of one family's American Dream-a family-owned and operated small business whose product has been a part of some of the most iconic images in our nation's history.

 June 27, 2014 TV #70 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Record Trade Supports Strong Rural Economies

This week at USDA - Agriculture is one of the brightest spots in our economy, and the American brand of agriculture is surging in popularity worldwide. Trade and market access support good-paying jobs and drives economic growth. A strong rural economy is critical to the overall economic health of the United States.

 June 13, 2014 TV #69 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Local Markets, Local Growth

This week at USDA - Many consumers want to "buy local" and support their local economy with their purchases. When local food marketing opportunities exist for rural producers, they cause ripple effects throughout the rural economy.

 June 6, 2014 TV #68 AG SEC WEEKLY ADDRESS - Rural-Made Goes World Wide

This week at USDA - I visited Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, a small city outside of my hometown of Pittsburgh to kick off the first of five Made in Rural America forums designed to help rural small businesses access the information they need to grow through exports.

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