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Latest Farm Bill News
  Oct 08, 2015  Forest Service Chief Reviews Fire Season, Calls for Two-Part Solution to Fire Budget
  Oct 08, 2015  USDA Deputy Secretary Harden Announces $17 Million to Support America’s Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
  Oct 06, 2015  USDA Seeks Applications for $16.8 Million in Grants to Empower SNAP Participants to Make Healthy Eating Choices
  Oct 01, 2015  USDA Commits $4 Million to Improve Chesapeake Bay Water Quality
  Aug 27, 2015  USDA Expands Farm Safety Net, Offers Greater Flexibility for Beginning, Organic and Fruit and Vegetable Growers
  Aug 07, 2015  Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Joins USDA Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
  Aug 07, 2015  USDA Invests $63 Million to Support 264 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Nationwide
  Jul 23, 2015  USDA Broadens Crop Insurance Options for Fruit and Nut Producers
  Jul 15, 2015  USDA Announces Conservation Incentives for Working Grass, Range and Pasture Lands
  Jul 10, 2015  Record Number of Farmers and Ranchers Certified Under 2014 Farm Bill Conservation Compliance
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