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Latest Farm Bill News
  Nov 19, 2015  FACT SHEET: Trans Pacific Partnership and Japan: Key Outcomes for Agriculture
  Nov 17, 2015  USDA Awards Funds for Fiscal Year 2016 Market Development Programs
  Nov 17, 2015  U.S., Ghana Announce Food for Progress Agreements to Increase Agricultural Productivity
  Nov 06, 2015  USDA Names Minority Farmers Advisory Committee
  Oct 26, 2015  USDA Issues Safety-Net Payments to Farmers Facing Market Downturn
  Oct 26, 2015  USDA Provides Funding for More Than 1,100 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Nationwide
  Oct 15, 2015  USDA to Invest $30 million to Help Protect Wetlands in Six States
  Oct 08, 2015  Forest Service Chief Reviews Fire Season, Calls for Two-Part Solution to Fire Budget
  Oct 08, 2015  USDA Deputy Secretary Harden Announces $17 Million to Support America’s Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
  Oct 06, 2015  USDA Seeks Applications for $16.8 Million in Grants to Empower SNAP Participants to Make Healthy Eating Choices
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