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Latest Farm Bill News
  Aug 30, 2016  Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Farm Income Forecasts for 2015 and 2016
  Aug 04, 2016  USDA Announces Safety Net Assistance for Milk Producers Due to Tightening Dairy Margins
  Jul 11, 2016  USDA to Help 821 Rural Small Businesses Boost Renewable Energy Use, Save on Energy Costs
  Jun 30, 2016  USDA Announces $8.4 Million to Support a Diverse Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers
  Jun 21, 2016  USDA Announces New Assistance to Help Rural Utility Customers Conserve Energy, Lower Bills
  May 16, 2016  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $130 Million Available for Foundational Agricultural Research, Education and Extension
  May 09, 2016  USDA, DOE Partner to Invest $10 Million in Green Energy Research
  May 05, 2016  USDA Announces Conservation Reserve Program Results
  May 02, 2016  USDA Announces $6 Million in Available Funding for Antimicrobial Resistance Research
  Apr 08, 2016  USDA Seeks Applications for Grants to Help Agricultural Producers Increase the Value of Their Products
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