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 Gardening Resources
 What exactly is a healthy soil? What makes a plant invasive? How to decide what to plant? Watch these videos and webinars to find practical garden advice on how to create sustainable green spaces that provide fresh fruits and vegetables, while benefiting the environment.
 How to Videos
 2012 Fall Webinar Series
 2011 Fall Webinar Series
 Resource Databases
 There are a lot of great gardening resources available online for gardeners of all levels - whether you are a beginner or have decades of experience. The People's Garden initiative has put together a collection of resources - ranging from financial and technical information to garden-based curricula - to help communities find the information they need to start and sustain their People's Garden. Enjoy searching these databases and please come back again as we will be making regular updates to ensure we provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date resources.
 Search the Garden-Based Curricula  Search the Garden-Based Curricula
This database has Garden-Based Curriculum for all grades levels
(Pre K - 12) and many subjects.
 Search the Financial Resources  Search the Financial Resources
This database has information on grants and other types of financial resources.
 Search the Technical Resources  Search the Technical Resources
This database has Technical resources like How To's and information on a variety of garden related topics.