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  Feb 5, 2016  USDA, NFL, Fuel Up to Play 60 Partner to Award $35 Million to Help Schools Serve Healthier Meals, Strengthen Childhood Nutrition
  Feb 4, 2016  USDA to Invest $150 Million through Conservation Stewardship Program to Help Improve Working Lands
  Feb 4, 2016  USDA Finalizes New Food Safety Measures to Reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter in Poultry
  Feb 3, 2016  FACT SHEET: President’s FY2017 Budget to Invest $700 Million In USDA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI)
  Feb 3, 2016  USDA Awards More Than $30 Million in Grants for Food Safety and Plant Health Improvements
  Feb 1, 2016  U.S. Forest Service Releases Findings on the Effects of Drought for Forests and Rangelands
  Jan 28, 2016  USDA Seeks Proposals for Market-Based Wetland Protection Systems
  Jan 27, 2016  USDA Seeks Fellowship Applications for Future Agricultural Scientists, Science Educators
  Jan 27, 2016  USDA Renews Agricultural Air Quality Task Force, Appoints Members
  Jan 27, 2016  Open Data from USDA, Microsoft Cloud Technology Become Tools to Strengthen Food Supply Through "Innovation Challenge" Winners
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