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  Apr 10, 2013  USDA Announces Funding to Improve Electric Service to Customers in 13 States
  Apr 9, 2013  USDA and Federal Partners Renew Commitment to Improve Access to Safe Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation in Indian Country
  Apr 8, 2013  Statements on Departure of Under Secretary Harris Sherman from USDA
  Apr 8, 2013  USDA Seeks Applications to Promote Job Creation and Boost the Rural Economy
  Apr 5, 2013  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Outlines USDA Efforts to Raise a Healthier Generation of Americans; Highlights Efforts to Improve School Meals
  Apr 4, 2013  Grants to Help Farms & Ranches Build Resilience to Drought
  Apr 3, 2013  USDA Opens Export Markets for Day-Old Chicks, Hatching Eggs, Dairy Cattle and Pears
  Apr 3, 2013  USDA Announces Program to Facilitate the Export of Further Processed Eggs and Egg Products
  Apr 3, 2013  USDA Partners with More States to Boost Program Integrity; Protect Taxpayer Investment
  Mar 29, 2013  USDA Announces New Conservation Collaboration with DuPont to Promote Sustainable Harvesting of Bio-based Feedstocks for Cellulosic Ethanol
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