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  May 9, 2012  USDA Grants to Increase Farmers Market Participation in SNAP
  May 9, 2012  USDA Seeks Grant Applications to Improve Rural Housing
  May 9, 2012  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Job Creation Funding for 12 Projects in Nine States
  May 8, 2012  USDA Advances Water Quality Conservation Across the U.S.
  May 4, 2012  Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture Announce $5.3 million to Fund Collaborative Projects for Agricultural Water Use Efficiencies
  May 4, 2012  What They're Saying: USDA's Colorado Roadless Rule Receives Widespread Support
  May 4, 2012  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Funding To Improve Rural Electric Infrastructure and Make the 'Grid' More Reliable and Efficient
  May 3, 2012  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Urges Petroleum Companies to Increase Adoption of American Made Renewable Energy
  May 3, 2012  USDA Invites Applications for Grants to Provide Broadband Service to Remote Rural Communities
  May 2, 2012  Agriculture Secretary and Colorado Governor Release Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Colorado Roadless Rule
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