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Media Communications Coordination
Media Communications Coordination

The Media Communications Coordination Team coordinates public and media communications for the Office of the Secretary, USDA general offices and mission areas, and develops policies and plans for effective execution of overall basic and operating policy for development and dissemination of public affairs information.

  • Coordinates development, production, and dissemination of Department-wide communications;
  • Develops national and significant Departmental news releases, statements for the media, letters-to-the editor, opinion-editorials and other information materials released through a variety of media;
  • Counsels and advises senior decision makers and agency information directors and their staff in serving the Department's many audiences;
  • Formulates policy and regulations for OC media coordination
  • Coordinates and reviews printed publications or reports prior to public release; and
  • Coordinates response to inquiries from major national news outlets.

The team includes five communications coordinators serving as senior communications advisors to USDA's seven mission areas, working directly with Under Secretaries and top staff, as well as servicing the Secretary's Office and Departmental staff offices for media relations and press and public communications and strategic services.

Director, Office of Communications
Matt Paul
202-720-4623 - FAX 202-720-5402
Rm 412-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Deputy Director, Office of Communications, Press Operations

Press Secretary
Cullen Schwarz
202-690-0548 - Fax 202-720-5402
Rm 403-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

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Communications Coordination Team

Brooke Hardison
202-720-2091 - FAX 202-720-5402
Rm 406-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Food Safety
Catherine Cochran
Rm 402-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Emergency Response; Departmental Management; The People's Garden Initiative
Angela Harless
202-720-6569 - FAX 202-720-5402
419-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Natural Resources; Conservation; Forest Service; Tribal Relations
Wayne Maloney
202-720-0494 - FAX 202-720-5402
Room 408-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services
Gwen Sparks
202-720-9002 - FAX 202-720-5402
Rm 410-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Agricultural Production; Trade
Brian Mabry (Acting)
202-720-4623 - FAX 202-720-5402
Rm 405-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Rural Development; Energy; Biobased Economy
David Sandretti
202-720-1019 - Fax 202-720-5402
Rm 447-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301

Cross Department Initiatives including Rural Poverty (StrikeForce, Promise Zones) and Local and Regional Food Systems
Wendy Wasserman
Rm 501-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301