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Crop Production
USDA strives to sustain and enhance economical crop production by developing and transferring sound, research-derived, knowledge to agricultural producers that results in food and fiber crops that are safe for consumption.
Data and Statistics
USDA has several agencies performing research to provide analysis and statistics, including ERS, FAS, and NASS.
Exporting Goods
USDA monitors the export of products from the U.S. through a standard set of regulations and policies.
Pricing Support
Pricing support rate information provides daily market prices and interest rates for farmers and ranchers applying for financial assistance. USDA also provides pricing support programs and notices.
Applied aquaculture research and technology transfer at USDA has improved the international competitiveness and sustainability of U.S. aquaculture and reduced the dependency on imported seafood and threatened ocean fisheries. USDA also provides aquaculture data and statistics, monitoring, and resources.
Animal Production
USDA offers various resources on Animal Production, including animal research programs, data and statistics on meats and poultry, alternative farming trends, livestock identification to the general public, and range programs.
Animal Health
Through applied research and developing technology, USDA has made strides in the research of animal diseases, stress and well-being, veterinary biologics, and BSE.
Crop and Livestock Insurance
USDA makes crop and livestock insurance information readily available, accessible by allowing customers to quickly calculate premiums, locate agents, and download files on demand.