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USDA: Delivering Results for the American People

Under the leadership of Secretary Tom Vilsack, over the last five years, USDA has made critical investments to support the farmers, ranchers and growers who are driving the rural economy forward, carry out record conservation efforts, facilitate groundbreaking research, promote new markets for rural products, and provide a safe, affordable and nutritious food supply for American families. Under Secretary Vilsack’s leadership, we’ve achieved record results for the American people while saving taxpayers $1.97 billion in recent years through our Blueprint for Stronger Service effort to improve, innovative and modernize our services.

We're proud of this work - and we know that there is much yet to accomplish in partnership with farmers, ranchers and foresters, small businesses, and those living, working and raising their families in rural America. To learn more about our work and results achieved for the American people since 2009, take a look at the topical factsheets listed below. To see how USDA has invested in your state, check out our state factsheets.

Fact Sheets