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USDA StrikeForce for Rural Growth and Opportunity

There's a whole series of success stories in the StrikeForce States - that's why we're trying to expand this opportunity in other states, so we can send the message that USDA is focused not just on places where there has been prosperity recently in rural areas, but also focusing on trying to address the challenge of persistent poverty. - USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack

Growing the economy by investing in rural communities and increasing opportunities for families is key to our Nation's future. In 2010, Secretary Vilsack established USDA's StrikeForce Initiative for Rural Growth and Opportunity to address the specific challenges associated with rural poverty. Since then, StrikeForce teams have collaborated with more than 500 community partners and public entities across twenty states to bring targeted assistance to rural areas experiencing chronic poverty.

StrikeForce efforts have helped direct over $16 billion in investments to create jobs, build homes, feed kids, assist farmers, and conserve natural resources in the country's most economically challenged areas. In 2015, StrikeForce expanded to include Oklahoma and Puerto Rico. Now, USDA StrikeForce teams operate in 880 counties in 21 states and Puerto Rico. Each StrikeForce project is a commitment to America's economic future.

Strikeforce Counties with Tribal Reservations (PDF, 2 MB)

Learn more about StrikeForce efforts in:

StrikeForce at Work Across the Country (PDF, 304KB)

In 2014, USDA StrikeForce teams were at work in twenty states to facilitate:

People icon   Creating or retaining 5,144 jobs

Housing icon   Assisting 125,000 homeowners with loans to purchase or repair their homes

Tractor icon   Helping 8,006 farmers with loans and access to capital

Conservation icon   Creating 11,864 conservation, water and land management projects

MyPlate icon   Providing more 69 million meals to low income children in StrikeForce states through SFSP