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  May 2, 2016  USDA Announces $6 Million in Available Funding for Antimicrobial Resistance Research
  Apr 29, 2016  USDA Unveils New ‘Urban Agriculture Toolkit’ for Urban Farmers and Agri-business Entrepreneurs
  Apr 29, 2016  USDA Offers New Loans for Portable Farm Storage and Handling Equipment
  Apr 28, 2016  USDA Offers New Resource to Help Food Hubs Improve Financial Performance
  Apr 25, 2016  Fact Sheet: Trans-Pacific Partnership: New Opportunities for U.S. Agriculture in Vietnam
  Apr 22, 2016  Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Signing of the Paris Climate Agreement
  Apr 21, 2016  USDA Announces $22 Million Available for Research to Combat Citrus Greening
  Apr 19, 2016  Ahead of Earth Day, USDA Announces Clean Water and Environmental Projects for 60 Rural Communities
  Apr 18, 2016  USDA Seeks Applications for Nearly $12 Million in Broadband Grants for Rural Communities
  Apr 18, 2016  USDA Announces $4.7 Million Available in Grants for Food Safety Training, Outreach and Technical Assistance
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