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  Oct 9, 2015  Fact Sheet: USDA Releases New Data on Investments in Manufacturing, Jobs Supported by Manufacturing in Rural Communities
  Oct 9, 2015  USDA Offers Assistance to Carolina Farmers and Ranchers Affected by Floods
  Oct 8, 2015  Forest Service Chief Reviews Fire Season, Calls for Two-Part Solution to Fire Budget
  Oct 8, 2015  USDA Deputy Secretary Harden Announces $17 Million to Support America’s Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
  Oct 7, 2015  Nation’s Ag Co-ops Set Records for Income and Revenue
  Oct 7, 2015  USDA Announces $3 Million in Funding for Critical Agriculture Production Research
  Oct 7, 2015  New USDA Fact Sheets Illustrate State-by-State Benefits of Trans-Pacific Partnership
  Oct 6, 2015  Food and Agriculture Groups Express Optimism and Confidence in Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
  Oct 6, 2015  USDA Seeks Applications for $16.8 Million in Grants to Empower SNAP Participants to Make Healthy Eating Choices
  Oct 5, 2015  USDA Awards $113 Million to Support Specialty Crop Production, Grow Opportunities for Rural Communities
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