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  Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

Q. How important is agricultural trade to the U.S. economy?
  Q. What is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?
  Q. How much of its agricultural products does the United States export?
  Q. What are the best markets for U.S. agricultural trade?
  Q. How well does the United States compete in world agricultural markets?
  Q. Why is agricultural trade so important?
  Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS)

Q. Is it safe to eat leftover food that was left out on the counter to cool at dinnertime, then forgotten until morning? Will additional cooking kill the bacteria that may have grown?
  Q. What is a safe internal temperature for cooking meat and poultry?
  Q. What is the safest way to thaw a frozen turkey?
  Q. Is it safe to refreeze food that has thawed completely?
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