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  Food Distribution

Q. Does USDA participate in international food aid programs?
  Food Safety

Q. How long is it safe to keep a turkey, or other meat or poultry product, in the freezer?
  Q. What is the safest way to thaw a frozen turkey?
  Q. What is a safe internal temperature for cooking meat and poultry?
  Q. How can I safely cook meat or poultry in the microwave oven?
  Q. Is it safe to refreeze food that has thawed completely?
  Q. Are canned goods still safe after a year? Two years? Longer?
  Q. Does the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) or the Meat and Poultry Hotline provide instruction for home food preservation (canning or pickling)?
  Q. How can I safely transport perishable foods to a picnic site, community supper, or family gathering?
  Q. What should I do to keep refrigerated and frozen foods safe during a power failure ?
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