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  Food Safety

Q. Is it safe to eat leftover food that was left out on the counter to cool at dinnertime, then forgotten until morning? Will additional cooking kill the bacteria that may have grown?
  Q. Should a large pot of soup sit on the range until it cools, or should it be refrigerated hot?
  Forest and Forestry

Q. Can I plant a memorial tree in a national forest?
  Q. Does the Forest Service give away free trees?
  Q. I want to scatter burial ashes of a loved one. Can I do this in a national forest?
  Market Research

Q. When are National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reports officially released?
  Q. What National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reports are issued today and when will they be available?
  Q. Does USDA have an annual publication that summarizes the statistcs of the major agricultural items?
  Q. Why can't I access Quick Stats?
  Q. Does USDA have any reports showing long term trends in agriculture?
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