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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


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Efforts and Resources to Contain the COVID-19 Pandemic

In January 2021, President Biden released the National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness (PDF, 24 MB). The plan calls on all parts of the federal government to contribute resources, facilities, personnel, and expertise to contain the pandemic. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responding to the President’s call to action. In addition to personnel, USDA is offering its facilities, cold chain infrastructure, public health experts, disaster response specialists, scientists and researchers, and footprint in rural areas and Tribal communities across the country. With a presence in nearly every county in the United States and more than 140 countries around the world, USDA is working alongside federal partners to contain the outbreak and message about the importance of vaccinations for pandemic recovery.


Mask Guidance

Our first priority is to ensure the health and safety of USDA employees, contractors, customers and visitors to USDA facilities and federal lands. That’s why, in compliance with guidance provided by CDC, USDA requires all on-duty or on-site USDA employees, on-site USDA contractors, and all persons in USDA buildings or on USDA lands to wear face masks, maintain physical distance, and take other public health measures as appropriate. You may view more information in our COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan.



Latest Information

For the latest information about how to stop the spread or to learn more about the federal response, visit,, and

USDA will continue providing timely delivery of services across all USDA agencies and offices. See the “Latest News” resource summarizing the USDA COVID-19 response. You may also view our Fact Sheet: Update on USDA Activities to Contain the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In accordance with the Office of Management and Budget’s Memorandum M-20-21, all financial information that agencies are required to report concerning their disposition of CARES Act and other supplemental COVID-19 appropriated funds is publicly available on Click on the following link to view the COVID-19 Spending profile page.


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Additional Resources

CDC Guidance
Federal Guidance
USDA Guidance
Personnel Deployments
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
    126 employees, including 92 employees to Nevada and Oklahoma to administer vaccinations at a variety of rapid points of distribution including mobile teams and pop-up clinics; 8 employees to Dallas; 2 employees to Ohio; 10 employees to Oregon; 4 employees to Washington State to assist in planning vaccination efforts; and 10 employees to support FEMA.
  • USDA Forest Service
    51 USDA Forest Service Incident Management Team personnel are currently assigned to the National COVID Vaccine Campaign.


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