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Hummingbirds and gazpacho in the People's Garden

Posted by acampbell in Initiatives
Mar 07, 2017

Today in the People's Garden, USDA volunteers hosted another Healthy Garden Workshop -- and visitors were once again able to sample a dish created entirely from garden-grown foods in the Chef's Garden. The events will continue all summer here in Washington, but you can also check out some video from this afternoon:

A volunteer from the Natural Resources Conservation Service leads the Healthy Garden Workshop, on attracting wildlife to the garden -- in this segment of the presentation, he's outlining how to attract hummingbirds.

Chefs from the USDA cafeteria hand out samples of gazpacho, prepared entirely from garden grown ingredients.

Be sure to check out the People's Garden Twitter feed, and we'll also be posting these and other videos on the USDA Facebook page.

Category/Topic: Initiatives