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White House Chef Sam Kass helps USDA Dish Out Nutritious, Local Food

Posted by acampbell in Food and Nutrition Farming
Mar 07, 2017

Remember when your favorite dish unexpectedly appeared on the menu at your school cafeteria? It was the same feeling of excitement today at the USDA Cafeteria. White House Chef Sam Kass mixed up Honey Crisp Apple Salad (with or without chicken) for USDA employees and visitors as Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan continues the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food roll-out week.

Kass explained that the mix of fresh vegetables, protein, nuts, fruit and cheese make for a well balanced and healthy meal. Todays special menu is part of Deputy Secretary Merrigan's announcement of a pilot program to improve the health and wellness of federal employees by dishing up local, nutritious menu items at USDA cafeterias.
Deputy Secretary Merrigan and White House Chef Sam Kass serving Honey Crisp Apple Salad

Local red thumb potatoes were featured on the main menu - hand delivered by the Deputy Secretary after a local farm visit on Monday, kicking off the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food activities.

Listen to the USDA radio from today's event here. Get involved in the national discussion and watch our videos on YouTube. Stay tuned, more info to come!

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