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USDA Officials Plant a People’s Garden in Syracuse

Posted by Shelly C. Harlander, Public Information Coordinator Rural Development, New York in Initiatives
Mar 07, 2017

USDA Rural Development (RD), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) staff planted the first public “Peoples Garden” in New York State last week.

More than 20 volunteers participated in the planting of a pollinator garden at the Edward Smith K-8 School in Syracuse. The event was a collaborative effort of the three U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies, Edward Smith K-8 School and Morningside Cultural Trail.

RD New York State Director Jill Harvey and NRCS State Conservationist Astor Boozer spoke about the importance of “greening” our communities and protecting pollinator plants.  With pollinator populations decreasing, pollinator gardens are becoming increasingly important.

“This is Rural Development first joint project with NRCS and FSA here in New York and I am very pleased that we were able to include the Edward Smith School and Morningside Cultural Trail,” said Rural Development State Director Harvey. “I look forward continuing this effort with all our partners as we work to establish other community gardens in Syracuse and throughout the state.”

The garden is located near the entrance of Morningside Cultural Trail, a community-based nature path, and at the edge of the Edward Smith K-8 School. The garden is cultivated using sustainable practices and consists entirely of native pollinator plants.

The garden was planted in recognition of USDA’s National Pollinator Week and as part of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s People’s Garden Initiative, encouraging USDA employees to establish gardens at U.S. facilities worldwide and to help communities create their own public gardens.\

Syracuse People's Garden

A People’s Community Garden in Syracuse, NY, where USDA volunteers, local school children and community organizations make social connections and implement sustainable practices.

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Owen Hoekenga
Dec 17, 2010

Glad to hear that People's Gardens were all over NYS in 2010. Our production garden down in Ithaca went in on June 4th. Our season total for donations was right around 9,600 pounds. Our demonstration garden at a local daycare center went in mid-June (see for more details).