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FSA Provides Help to Kewa Pueblo Destroyed by New Mexico Storms

Posted by Tanya Brown, USDA Farm Service Agency in Rural
Feb 21, 2017

Farmers and ranchers from Kewa Pueblo affected by three major storms this past summer received much needed information on Farm Service Agency programs from the staff of New Mexico’s FSA.  A workshop was held last month to provide information and answer questions from producers who lost their crops and cattle as a result of these storms.

The workshop was in response to the Pueblo’s request for assistance.  A team of state and county employees provided information and signed up about 40 producers for programs such as Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program, Livestock Indemnity Program, Emergency Conservation Program and Non-Insured Assistance Program.

Salomon Ramirez, state executive director for the New Mexico FSA, called the workshop “an important collaboration between FSA employees and the Pueblo’s agricultural producers.”

“Our team did an excellent job of reaching out and providing information to these producers. For some of the affected producers, the crops they harvest from their small farms are their only livelihood and damage of this magnitude devastated the majority of their income for the year,” said Ramirez.

Most of the producers on the Pueblo have never participated in FSA programs. To gather producer information, work stations were set up for each program area. FSA staff walked more than 40 producers through every step of the process from completing basic eligibility forms to signing up for disaster assistance programs. In addition to farm programs, staff from the local farm loan team provided information and distributed applications for FSA loans.

“Although the partnership between FSA and the Pueblo came on the heels of a disaster, we are pleased that we could provide much needed information and forge a mutually beneficial relationship between both entities from this point forward,” said Ramirez.

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New Mexico FSA Employees, Andrew Ortiz, Andrew Flores and Dennis Garcia, assist Kewa ranchers with livestock program applications.

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