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American Jobs Act - West Coast Roundup

Posted by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in USDA Results
Feb 21, 2017

This past week, I traveled to the West Coast to connect with local leaders about President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, which will put Americans to work and get our economy back on track – all without adding a dime to the deficit.  It was a rewarding experience meeting the great people of California, Oregon and Washington, and it was apparent that they are ready to see the economy flourish again and believe this Act will get us there.

On Monday, I led a White House Business Council meeting with Sacramento business, community and agricultural leaders to discuss ways federal, state and local officials can work together to improve economic conditions and create jobs. Later in the morning, I highlighted ways the Act would provide tax cuts for thousands of California businesses and households while supporting and creating tens of thousands of jobs in the state.

On Tuesday morning in Portland, I led another White House Business Council meeting with local leaders and discussed Oregon’s stake in the American Jobs Act, specifically tax cuts to over 90,000 businesses and support for the jobs of 4,600 teachers and first responders while immediately providing over 5,500 construction workers a job improving highways and other critical infrastructure.

To cap off a productive trip, I traveled to Seattle where I announced USDA’s investment of over $136 million towards advanced biofuels research – much of which will be used to develop renewable aviation fuel and in turn boost the economy in rural America. This valuable investment will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, create regional, renewable energy markets and ultimately generate rural jobs.

It was eye opening to hear from Westerners about the challenges we are facing today because we deserve a stable American economy that will thrive for decades to come. I believe the President’s plan will create the jobs that will inevitably strengthen the middle class and get us back on track.

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