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Master the Art of Home Canning, Seed Saving, Bee Keeping and Season Extension

Posted by Annie Ceccarini, Outreach and Education Coordinator, The People’s Garden Initiative in Initiatives
Feb 21, 2017

Fall has finally arrived. For many this is a busy time at home, at work and especially in the garden where there are crops to harvest, prepare and preserve; seeds to save; weeds to pull; debris to collect and compost; cover crops to plant and the list goes on. To help you save time, money and space, USDA’s People’s Garden Initiative has invited experts to share advice in its 2011 Fall Webinar Series.

Master the Art of Home Canning, Seed Saving, Bee Keeping, SNAP Gardening and Season Extension
Master the Art of Home Canning, Seed Saving, Bee Keeping, SNAP Gardening and Season Extension

A series of five hour-long trainings will broadcast live on Wed. Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. They are free for anyone to watch online. To join the training, register at

2011 Fall Webinar Series

Wednesday, October 5
Webinar: The Basics of Home Canning with Elizabeth Andress, Ph.D., food safety specialist with Georgia Cooperative Extension and Professor in the Department of Foods and Nutrition.

Learn the basics of canning fruits and vegetables from your garden, as well as USDA recommendations for canning pickles and sweet spreads. Make sure you are safe from botulism and other risks when you preserve food, and learn best practices for high quality preserves.

Wednesday, October 12
Webinar: Introduction to Seed Saving with Shannon Carmody, public programs manager for Seed Savers Exchange

Learn about the biological and ecological needs of saving seeds. Topics will include plant reproductive structures, isolation requirements, pollination methods and taxonomy.

Wednesday, October 19
Webinar: Pollinators For Your Garden with Dr. Jeff S. Pettis, research leader with USDA-Agricultural Research Service Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.

Pollinators are essential to any gardening endeavor. Hear about the variety of native or wild pollinators and things you can do to encourage or increase them in your area.

Wednesday, October 26
Webinar: Food Stamps Grow Gardens! Leveraging SNAP to grow gardens across America with Daniel Bowman Simon, founder of SNAP Gardens

Did you know that you can use SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) benefits to help plant a garden? This session will provide ideas for how garden-minded professionals and amateurs alike can spread awareness and connect SNAP recipients to resources and information that will enable productive gardening experiences for all.

Wednesday, November 2
Webinar: Extending the Growing Season Using High Tunnels and Hoop Houses with Ron Cordsiemon, Missouri Plant Materials Center Manager for USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service in Elsberry, Missouri

High tunnels and hoop houses can be used to increase the growing season of a variety of plants. This session will cover the different types of structures used and the time and expense involved for construction. This session also will look at the potential for increased production among different types of vegetables.

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Ben Nemeth
Oct 05, 2011

The registration on the site is not working properly and there is no contact information to let anyone know. No confirmation e-mail was sent with registration which means we can't watch the webinar.

Sorry to write this comment here.

Thank you.

Sheryl Corey
Oct 05, 2011

I registered for the above webinars, and have not received an email to allow me into the webinar. How does one get in???? Why advertise it and not allow anyone in. There are several of us from West Virginia that have not received the confirmation emails. What's going on??? I've registered twice now. Do I need to continue to register until I get a response? Thank you for any assistance! I've also left messages via telephone as all lines were busy.

Lynne Sullivan
Oct 06, 2011

I'd like to review the canning seminar which is supposed to be available for a week. Where is the link?

D Devoy
Oct 06, 2011

I received the confirmation email and followed the link, but nothing loaded. And I can't find the archive link that is supposed to be available for a week after the original webinar. And I couldn't find a reply-to email for technical support. I can't wait to see the webinars! Help me get to them. Thank you!

Oct 06, 2011

Hi everyone,

For all that have registered, a confirmation email will be sent out the morning of the session. Please make sure to check that your email is typed correctly. Whether pre-registered or not the sessions air live at 12 noon EDT at The page changes from registration to airing the sessions at about 11:55 a.m. You may need to refresh the page to view the session at 12 noon EDT.

If you are unable to attend the live session don’t worry! The sessions are being recorded. Once they are closed captioned, they will be posted on as well as and accessible to everyone.

Laurie R.
Oct 08, 2011

Missed the "live" broadcast on canning, and cannot find the link to read/see it now. Any assistance would be appreciated.

A Miller
Oct 12, 2011

I have been checking the site since last week. Where is the link to the canning seminar that was supposed to be posted? I don't see it anywhere on the iastate site or the peoplesgarden site.

Oct 12, 2011

I got the email this morning, I got to press the play arrow, but apparently this was live as Like Many of The DC AG Broadcasts - you hear 2.5 words then have a 50 second lapse of blank air then get another few sylables and so on.
Like the other responders I went in to look at last weeks canning session - no link. How will we know when you get the tape finished and that it is available for viewing????

Dianne C
Oct 13, 2011

I have been going on Wednesday to the Wes Watkins Agricultural Research Center at Lane, Oklahoma viewing this series. I am finding it wonderful with information for beginning or master caner. I am having a incubator/caner going in at the Wes Watkins Ag Research Center in Lane, Oklahoma. Thank you for this series.

Carly J Giesen
Oct 13, 2011

I have registered for these webinars, but was unable to make it to either one due to scheduling conflicts. And I've read the comments above, but where are the videos posted after they've aired? Neither one is currently on either of the webpages.

Cynthia Swalla
Oct 24, 2011

I also am wondering when we will know when we are able to start viewing the videos.

Nov 01, 2011

Would love to watch the canning video. I love the fact that you are making them closed caption, but instead of making the rest of us wait several weeks, could you not post them not closed caption until you can get the captioning done? Please let me know when I can learn how to can. Thanks.

Stacy T
Nov 07, 2011

Where and when can we find the videos to watch? I was not able to view a couple of them due to scheduling conflicts, but I would like to watch these. Please advise where these can be watched, thanks.

Nov 10, 2011

I too need to watch a webinar or two for my Master Gardener education hours........was wondering when these videos will be online to watch... sometime in the next couple weeks? would you please let me know, so I can schedule some time to watch them. Thank you.