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Got Questions about #AgCensus? Send Them Our Way!

Posted by Renee Picanso, NASS Census and Survey Division Director in Research and Science
Feb 21, 2017

Every five years USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service asks millions of people around the country to fill out the Census of Agriculture. And inevitably, we get millions of questions about it. This time around, we are taking advantage of communication tools that weren't available to us last time and turning to Twitter to answer questions that farmers and ranchers may have. After all, times are changing and more and more operations have online access with each passing year.

Today at 1 p.m. EST, we will spend an hour on our agency’s Twitter account (@usda_nass) answering questions about the 2012 Census of Agriculture. We’d love to hear from all of you to address any concerns, reservations or just simple inquiries you may have about participating in the Census. To make sure that we see your questions, simply add the #AgCensus tag to your tweet.

If you’d like to email us your questions beforehand, you can do that by contacting Alex Minchenkov in our Public Affairs Section at Joe and I will do our best to make sure we can address as many questions as possible to help make the 2012 Census of Agriculture smoother than ever. After all, the Census gives farmers and ranchers the opportunity to have their voices heard and help shape the future of U.S. agriculture.

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Mar 08, 2012

Possibly you've seen my criticisms elsewhere...

Since I topped out at a mere cell phone and don't have the patience for twitting, and don't have access to email where I currently am, I'll bullet-point my concerns here:

1] There's 2.2million farmers, 1.2million are micro-farmers; revenues under $10K. Your census is unweildy and onerous to us.

2] If you're going to claim that the ag census is actually in our best interest and designed to be helpful, then you really need to drop the warnings of federal offense for failure to fill it out. That's heavy-handed and quite rude, and it puts people off.

Teddi Irwin
Mar 08, 2012

IN A GOOD WAY is a training farm located in SE OK. We were established to afford Native American men a second chance after incarceration or addiction. Will the trainees be included in the census and what information do you need.