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Renewable Energy on Farms Study Released - First to Look at Role of State-Level Policies

Posted by Irene Xiarchos, USDA Economist in Energy
Feb 21, 2017

USDA has published a study examining states’ adoption rates of distributed generation for solar and wind energy on U.S. farms. The results show that states with higher energy prices, more organic acres per farm, and more Internet connectivity adopt renewable electricity at higher rates.  For solar systems, full-farm ownership and solar resources were also significant factors.  Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) targets were found to increase state level renewable electricity adoption at the distributed-generation scale while electric cooperative prevalence in the state was found to have a negative relationship to renewable electricity adoption share.

The results of this study highlight the importance of coordinating approaches to policy formulation, and can assist states in refining their policies for promoting renewable electricity, particularly during an era of declining government budgets.

To read the study, please go to:

Category/Topic: Energy

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Vicky Boyd
Jul 31, 2013

Where is this study you mention up above? When I go to the I don't see a link for a study, or at least it doesn't jump out at me. You really need to make it apparent.

Aug 02, 2013

Hi Vicky - thanks for your feedback. We've updated the link above. For a larger list of reports from our Office of the Chief Economist, here's the link: